Clichy (the dynamic left back), Eboue (apparently the reason that Arsenal lost against Liverpool and ultimately the season), Fabregas (the one person who was holding the team, at least when he was not injured) and now Nasri, the list of players that have left and/or are on the verge of leaving the Gunners.

It seems like the Gunners will be winning the title this season, not as premier league or any other cup champions but as the best feeder club in the league. A title, which was previously held by Southampton.Don’t get me wrong, with a lot of quality young players such as Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere and newcomer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the club does seem to invest in youth who can play ball.

However, one can notice as a friend and long time Gunner (Faisal Haq) put it, the club tends to consider this as a stage where all these 16 – 21 year old’s play together every season and by the team they reach footballing puberty, which in 5 – 6 years time, they would eventually end up being the champions. I believe that model was in place for a while, wasn’t it? 

Well, the way things are going, there are more chances next season that one of the above-mentioned players would be the target of a club that actually wants to win. Yes Man City could be one, as they have a strong player-swap-over relationship with Arsenal.

I am wondering whether the word “quadruple” would ever come up again.

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